Apex actively supports its buyers with help on the removal of assets, transport options throughout the world, containerisation and shipping.

Through its partners the Apex group has in excess of 165,000 square feet of heated warehousing and 11 acres of outside storage.

Apex also provide assistance in decommissioning assets if needed and factory clearance. Although a service to the buyer it also ensures a timely exit from the factory for the seller.

Our disposal division regularly achieves a sell thru of roughly 98% meaning there are rarely unsold items needing to be moved or stored post sale. Typically the unsold items are sold to other buyers prior to the clearance deadline.

Some sales may require all items to be moved prior to a sale being conducted. This could be due to the site not being suitable for visitors where production techniques are a trade secret or where a facility has to be exited within a very short time frame.