We offer tailor made solutions that allow you to manage the level of risk against the potential return from the sale of your assets.

Through our investment division, we have the ability to provide funding for even the largest projects.

Whilst every proposal is tailored to your individual needs, our offers are based on three primary financial options. Each of these allows for varying levels of return and risk, dependant on your particular requirements.

Commission Sale

A commission sale can potentially provide you with a high return on the sale of your assets but carries the highest risk out of the three options available to you.

As opposed to being provided with a guaranteed cash sum for your assets you are exposed to market conditions, which could result in either higher or lower returns than expected.

To help minimize this risk, we provide you with a combination of superior marketing and state of the art technology which offer you the best opportunity for a successful sale.

Financial Guarantee

Should you have concerns about the market’s stability and not feel confident of a successful sale we have the capability to provide peace of mind by guaranteeing a minimum return, reducing the downside risk to you.

Furthermore you will have the option to participate in the profit above the agreed minimum return, ensuring you don’t miss out on any potential unexpected windfall profit.

Outright Purchase

If you are concerned about current market conditions and looking for a guaranteed return from the sale of your business or assets, we are able to provide the option of an outright purchase. Every opportunity is considered on its merits, we have funded buyouts from £50,000.00 through to multimillion pound purchases.

We conduct our own valuation and due diligence activities on all projects to determine the offer price and ensure a minimum of contractual requirements before transferring funds direct to your account.

Most purchases made by Apex are paid in cash on completion.