About us

For over 20 years Apex Group have supported companies around the world buy, sell and manage their surplus assets. combine that with our 180 years of industry experience, there are very few situations that we can't add our expertise and knowledge.

We help bridge the gap between buyer and seller using our cutting-edge transaction platform, a vast buyer database and precise marketing and sales.

We've designed a six-step programme to assist you whether you're buying, selling, or managing your assets. This linear process can be executed in order from beginning to end or we can create a bespoke combination that suits your needs. Either way, you're always going to receive a service that is overarched with strong leadership, policy and strategy and underpinned by our easy to use, yet powerful technology.


of assets sold per annum
conducted per annum
30,000 ITEMS
sold through Apex platforms per annum
Apex has sold machinery to 63 countries
Apex has sold assets from 14 countries
  • In-House Technology

    Apex controls all its technology dedicated to providing the best Surplus Asset Management & Trading Platform in the market.

    Used by GE, Rolls Royce, Tata Steel etc.

  • Compliance

    Fully compliant with extensive checks for:

    • Export Control
    • Money laundering
    • Customer KYC
    • Photo management
  • Transparency

    Apex operates with complete transparency, sharing data on marketing success, sales results etc. Fully auditable process


Headquartered in Brighton, UK

Global Valuation Team

Agents covering the major industrial areas of the world

Sales offices in UK, Germany, USA, Canada, India, South Africa, Hong Kong

UK Headquarters Team

    Stephen Dugard
    Managing Director
    Kevin Brooker
    Chief Operating Officer
    Eloise Walker
    Senior Commercial Manager
  • Services at Apex Group

    We've designed a six-step programme to assist you whether you're buying, selling, or simply managing your assets

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  • Technology at Apex Group

    Our in-house technology offers the most robust and reliable asset management platform in the market

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