Our in-house technology offers the most robust and reliable asset management platform in the market

Our Technology

Apex controls all its technology. We have 14 developers in Brighton dedicated to providing the best Surplus Asset Management & Trading Platform in the market. Used by GE, Rolls Royce, Tata Steel etc. It was designed with three chief principals: to allow the user to easily manage their assets regardless of their shape, size or geographical location; to create an easy to use marketplace for the internal redeployment of assets; and to bring to market a powerful trading platform that allows its users to convert assets into much-needed cash.

Underperforming assets can be converted into much-needed cash. However, more often than not they are identified for release by a business leader, only then to be held up by engineers not willing to sign the release. The lack of visibility into the process and value for business managers often means that the business loses the opportunity to generate cash.

That is why we created ASSET Flow, a comprehensive solution that has the ability to manage every aspect of your company’s industrial assets. Furthermore, as we understand that all businesses are unique; we ensure that the solution is completely customisable, allowing you to create a bespoke system for your company or business.

Internal Redeployment

We understand that your assets can come in all different shapes and sizes, in addition to being located all around the world. As a result, it can prove difficult and even impossible to track, assign and manage all your assets under one digital roof. For that reason, we designed an easy to use marketplace for the internal redeployment of assets. Our technology provides a safe and secure application that allows you to easily redeploy your assets while considering things such as the internal transfer price, where the cost resides and who will pay for the logistics?

We offer a broad range of disposal channels that allow you to sell any unwanted assets, maximise your return and get the assets removed quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to sell a single item, clearing an entire facility or even selling off raw materials and scrap, we can find the right solution for you. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, we're here to help. Regardless of your position, you'll always receive a service that will give you access to a global database, a vast dealer network, transparent marketing and over 180 years of industry expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

I run a large facility and need to sell a high volume of mixed value items.

A live webcast auction allows you to sell a high volume of items quickly.

How can I view all transactions?

Using ASSET Flow all sales results and offers on assets are tracked. This can be checked against net book value, fair market value, thus giving complete control and transparency.

I need somewhere that I can easily enter asset details.

Assets can be easily entered either through a mobile phone, tablet or web portal. It is easier than using spreadsheets and emails.

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